Take control of your worklife

Yavi is the free, simple, smart messenger for shift-working teams.Yavi is the simple, smart messenger for shift-working teams. Get the free app on Android and iPhone!

Any schedule on mobile, magically 

Post a photo of your schedule, and Yavi will automatically convert it into a neat list of shifts. You’ll always know when you’re working.

Never forget a shift 

Yavi will automatically remind you about upcoming shifts so you don’t have to worry about saving alarms and notes.

Keep your work stuff under control 😎

Yavi keeps work stuff out of your personal apps so you can relax when you're off, whilst never missing the important updates in your workplace.

Upload your schedule to get started
Export a CSV file from Excel or take a photo of your schedule. Examples:

“Yavi made our lives easier. There's no problem getting our rotas anymore and we all know what we are doing all the time. Can be updated at any time. Saves time and money.”

– Paddy, Manager at KCS Cleaning